julia crauss

The Daeva Priscus of Newcastle. has former romantic ties to raphael black that ended badly.

adventure hooks

  • When several Daeva go missing, julia turns to Har D. P. Rob Lem’s for help in tracking them down. Meanwhile a prominent Ventrue has suddenly found himself with a brand new harem of questionable origin.
  • The museum has found a wealth of relics in an old house on the outskirts of newcastle. The house wasn’t so abandoned after all, and Julia considers it prudent for 200 year old photos of a prominent socialite like herself never see the light of day.
  • Julia tasks the protagonists with forcibly evicting an old nosferatu from her abandoned subway home. But the real estate is far from prime, and the woman far from forbidding; so why does julia want her gone, and is she actually a nosferatu?

Character specific hooks

  • megan liz hamilton- A visit to julia’s haven reveals a promising new ghoul slated for daevahood, but is julia’s control complete, and is megan’s willingness so genuine?
  • austin mitchell-
  • raphael black- It seems raphael has finally snapped, and has decided to deal with julia the old fashioned way. Julia seems less than worried, and openly taunts the assassin and walks freely out in the open. Is her lack of self control all her own fault? and are raphael’s denials entirely feigned?
  • eclipse- When a werewolf claims an ancient pact has bound Himself and julia together, eclipse is willing to answer her cries for a judgement. But when he and the prince have a battle of jurisdiction, their only hope may be that The protagonists can discover the origin of the werewolf’s claims.
  • gangrel priscus-
  • the prince of newcastle-
  • vigil-
  • ignus-
  • precognative mage-

julia crauss

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