megan liz hamilton

A reporter during the day and an investigator for network zero at night. She talks a good game, but a liberal application of condescension and veiled threats was enough to subdue her.

Adventure hooks

  • Megan has found the same compromising information about the prince that patrick has. Her aims are significantly different from blackmail and it would be in the protagonists’ and prince’s best interests that the information stay hidden.
  • It is vital that a piece of propaganda is spread around, so patrick bullies her into using her contacts to aid him. unfortunately, she manages to call for help, and the protagonists find themselves with only megan as a hostage standing between them and a pack of resourceful hunters.
  • After pulling off a successful heist, the protagonists find themselves blackmailed with the knowledge of who pulled off the theft. This irony leads them to a series of increasingly risky and treasonous jobs. Is megan behind it? or did she supply the information to the protagonists’ mark and the blackmail is just a bluff to forward his agenda.

Character specific hooks

  • austin mitchell- Megan finds herself meeting the requirements of the slasher. He is after her and she comes to the protagonists for help. Austin mitchell seems eager for help, but the opportunity to draw the slasher into the open is quite tempting.
  • julia crauss- Julia got sloppy, and megan happened to be watching. raphael black seizes his chance and offers a steep price for the information. But is megan bluffing, does raphael intend to play, and if patrick can’t stop megan, to what lengths will the daeva priscus go to silence her.
  • raphael black- megan
  • eclipse- the proceedings of a junkyard judgement have found themselves on network zero. Eclipse isn’t happy, and the continued use of megan as an asset depends on her survival. At the same time, something must be done about that compromising footage.
  • the prince of newcastle-
  • vigil- Vigil gives an interview that paints ignus as the leader of a satanic cult. The city is engulfed in riots as megan reveals more and more of the mage’s control over newcastle.
  • gangrel priscus-
  • ignus-

megan liz hamilton

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