precognative mage

A mage and good friend of patrick’s. Provided Patrick with calendars featuring all of Patrick’s future calls at mission control.

Adventure hooks

  • Patrick recieves a call he did not expect. It might be something small, or something huge; but it shakes Patrick’s faith in the calendar and the mage. Was he wrong? or did he purposefully omit that call.
  • an important and regular contact is marked as having his last call today. The call sounds strange, and when the contact is nowhere to be found, the mage may have to answer for it.
  • Patrick recieves his newest calendar, only to see that his next call is from himself. Hilarity insues.

Character specific hooks

  • megan liz hamilton – the call patrick recieves is in the form of megan rehearsing a newscast that could ruin one or more members of vampire society. stop her. (note: the call was not intentional, at least MEGAN didn’t intend it…)
  • austin mitchell – austin calls again, this time with information on his serial killer. when the protagonists meet in person, austin has no recollection of the call. when the experience repeats the next day, patrick finds that the calls are coming a day early.
  • julia crauss – to the dismay of raphael and patrick alike, julia has acquired herself a personal fortuneteller, the mage who provides patrick’s calendars. her successful streak threatens the sanctity of many vampire’s assets. and the fortuneteller may not be able to protect her from every attempt on her life, on another hand, patrick can’t get more predictions if the mage is always occupied with julia
  • raphael black
  • eclipse
  • gangrel priscus
  • the prince of newcastle
  • vigil
  • ignus

precognative mage

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