The Hopper Institution for the Mentally Distressed


The Hopper Intsitution for the Mentally Distressed is Newcastle’s resident asylum. Once upon a time, the HIMD attracted the finest minds in human psychology in the United States, standing as a symbol of psychological greatness. But those But those days are over, and decades of tragedy and horror has changed Hopper from a psychologist’s dream come true to the same psychologist’s worst nightmare. A history of horrible experiments, murder, madness, fire, and old fashioned disorganization have tainted Hopper’s reputation. Dr. Bridget McClusky, Hopper’s director since 1992, is planning to retire any day, and her chosen successor, Dr. Clinton Crotts, has already made plans aimed at getting The Hopper Insitution for the Mentally Distressed back in medical history.

HIMD Directors Through History

  • Ignatius Hopper (founder)- 1862, 1866-1898(death)
  • Edward Brake- 1898-1917(death)
  • Donald Roe- 1817-1920(death)
  • Farnsworth W. Weaver- 1921-1934(jailed for fraud and embezzlement)
  • Thomas Werner- 1944-1954(retirement)
  • Jeremiah. J. Moorcock- 1954-1973(lobotomized)
  • Jonathan Sendak- 1974-1991(arrested for murder of assistant and embezzlement)
  • Bridget McClusky- 1992-present(retirement finalizes June, 2011)

The Hopper Institution for the Mentally Distressed

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